Marjorie Macaulay | A Celebration of Life

Wednesday 8th March, South Hampstead High School, 11am

Marjorie Blanche Macaulay, known as Joie, was the Head of English at South Hampstead High School from 1954 - 1976.  She was a remarkable and inspiring teacher who continued throughout her long life to take an active interest in education, literature and the arts, and their practitioners.

Joie attended Clapham Girls Public Day School and went on to Girton College, Cambridge, where she read Classics (Part 1) and English (Part 2).  Her passion for drama, both acting and production, then led her to RADA, but she turned to teaching.  She joined South Hampstead High School in 1954 as Head of English and left when she retired in 1976.

Former pupils of Joie have described her lessons as “distinctive with a differentiating quality” like no others with “sense of excitement (and) constant anticipation of richness.”  Literature was not just a subject but also about her pupils finding their identity.

Joie used her RADA training to dramatise novels and to direct many school plays in collaboration with the art and music teachers.  Art, music and literature were all linked together, often to produce an unusually chosen play.

In retirement, Joie took an active interest in education.  She tutored at the Open University for five years and became a governor of St. Marylebone School.  She kept up friendships with many pupils that she taught, taking an active interest in their careers and families.  We hope to see many of her pupils on 8th March at an event to commemorate her life and her immense contribution to South Hampstead High School. 

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